I'm Alena Jureckova. For the first time I opened my eyes on the 3 July 1978 in hospital in Martin, Slovakia and since then I have opened them every morning. I moved from one small village to a town. After passing primary school with distinction, my next steps led to Secondary Technical School in Martin – where I studied technical – information services. In my students´ years I used to write some articles to local weekly newspapear “Život Turca“ – now called “MY“ an school magazine called Fero Priemyslovák.

Alena Jureckova painter and writer

As a student I worked for local Radio Rebeca in Martin – I moderated an hour radio broadcasting for my peers every Wednesday. Besides studying I joined many competitions in kumite karate. Regularly, I joined the concerts of OCEAN – a Czech pop group and SHALOM project – both led by the frontman Petr Muk.

I had my first job in an economics section of a joint-stock company Martimex – Omega. However, I was always attracted by the vision of a student´s life and after passing the entrance exams I started to study at the University of Konštantín Philosopher in Nitra where I studied Slovak language and Literature and Ethics . While studying there I read many books of world – known philosophers club as F. Nietzsche, A. Schopenhauer, A. Augustinus, K. Marx who have influenced all my future artistic development. During that amazing period of my youth – in 1999 – I actively joined clubs of alternative films in Strojár cinema and began to play with the paintings and writing.

Since then I have been actively painting and writing poetry and prose. I joined the meetings organized by Shalom Fan club as well as the concerts of Czech singer Petr Muk in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.After finishing two semesters of studying I realized that I was not born to be a teacher, I went to Holland – to Amsterdam to be exact where I used to live bohemian life of a young, promising artist. Later on I travelled to London where I studied the culture of rainy and cool England at Hampstead school of English.

alena jureckova art

I finished my studies due to my health problems and since 2003 I have been on disability pension. I came back to Slovakia to my hometown – Martin – where I have still been living and where I have been engaged mainly in oil painting on papaer, canvas, fibreboard or anything that can be painted on with oil paints. The artistic works of Atrfans were influenced by P. Picasso, C. Monet and Vincent Van Gogh. I am engaged in writing poetry, reflections, short stories or words that come to mind mind for all of you – my readers. For all of you who like March – the month dedicated to books – I have created books on CDs that can be read on a PC. You can recognize me under my art – name Artfans. Diogenes of Sinope, living and sleeping in a tub, is my ideal of lifestyle due to his deep idea of material values.

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On Artfans web pages you can find the copies of Pablo Picasso´s paintings themes. The paintings are painted with oil paints on a high quality canvas. The paintings are identical with the Cubist painter with the authoress own feelings. The size of these works are not the same or identical with the original works of Picasso. There you can also find my own works – such as nudes and other art works.