AUTUMN, 35×50 cm, oil painting on photopaper.

Paintings autumn

Typical colours of the autumn falling leaves and a bit of black as it is said by old age as a autumn of life. But the sunny beams still touch the human beings and the nature all around us. The Autumn as the every year period has its own uniqueness. Indian summer loves the most of us. Memories on the summer holiday and plans, happy childer faces looking forward to the following holidays. Human being starts his body as an engine fed by energy.

It also a preparation for the winter rest where the nature and people relax that need to prepare for the next season works united with sowing the seeds and harvesting. Painting includes the geometrical measures and shapes due to Pythagoras and his thoughts that everything is a number and geometery comes from numbers. On the painting it is very easy to recognize short brush moves.

Author painter Alena Jureckova alias Ester Kralova.