SUN, 50×69,5 cm, oil painting on photopaper.

Panitings sun

The Sun is the source of everthing living on this planet. Even small children know without the Sun there is no life. Beauty, shining,making the light and heat. It shines on us during the day. Bearing this in mind artist preserved the shape of the Sun, the circle and did no experiments and with drawing the Sun as a square.

Oval shapes gives to this star beauty and tenderness. Blue in behind as the sky blue is then white clouds or black sky by storm. The Golden gives it honor even though somebody could find it as kitsch. But what is the colour to represent the values and grandeur of the Sun? How to impress that this matter is unique and rare and there is no coincindce in it all? Short brush moves are easy to recognize.

Original painting author Sun painter Alena Jureckova alias Ester Kralova.