Original painting burning rose, 19,5×15,5 cm, oil painting on cardboard.

Painting Burning rose

Rose, flower which is loved by the most of us. And why burning? Sometimes the partnership or marriage can not be saved evently by hundreds of roses brought to calm the woman. In fortunate case this bunch of flower or one odoriferous flower could start the relationship again. So this is the reason why the flowers should not be given periodically or like cliché. Women could act like exploding bombs or like hot curling-irons.

They burn inside with love but they are capable of getting irritated so our kind partners, please do not annoy us and do not argue for small common mistakes of life. And when it comes to desperation, calm the situation down with burning rose not to leave us getting cold. Pasty style painting.

Original painting Burning rose painter Alena Jureckova alias Ester Kralova.