Original painting Egypt to Ocean, 34×30,5 cm, oil painting on cardboard.

Painting Egypt to Ocean

Pasty style painting. Czech music band appeared on the scene as a miracle coming down from the Heaven 1985. Petr Muk, Petr Kučera, Dušan Vozáry and Honza Vozáry also Petr Hons the lyricist are presented without faces down in the painting, but with golden colour to express their meaning in the world of music.

Pharaoh holding the egyptian cross of life guards them to protect them, even one of the members is looking down on them from the musical heaven. Sign of the Ocean band is Star of David with circle and dot inside. Triangles representing the woman and man principe and also the four senses – water, fire,earth and wind. The fifth element, the love is symbolic. The circle as a snake eating its own tale to present nothing ends neither begins.

And dot in the middle of the symbol to present foreverness. The Ocean band symbol stay above over the pyramids as a see-all Sun. Painting full of symbols easy to know but also uninterpreterable features of human life from cradle to grave, thinking about the meaning of life. After years of philosophism artist found the life sense and that is finding this exact sense.

Original painting Egypt to Ocean painter Alena Jureckova alias Ester Kralova.