Original painting bellis perennis, 23,5×19 cm, oil painting on cardboard.

Painting bellis perennis

Pasty style painting. Bellis perennis, yellow flowers, sometimes pink or purple. In medicine used to stop coughing, slimy lungs, rheumatism, temper and bleeding especially from lungs and vesica. Flowering from March to winter. Man harvest flowers and tops. Bellis perennis comes from Caucasian area, needs a watering properly and interesting is it can put out even a thistle.

Can be found on grass, meadows, lawns where it thought to be a tile. Medicament contains saponines, tannins, bitters, slime, resins, flavonoids, mineral and little inulin,essential oils. The painting was made in artist´s belief that if we use the herbs in the way our ancestors did we are able to cure every disease in the world.

Original painting bellis perennis painter Alena Jureckova alias Ester Kralova.