Original painting red rose from the litlle prince, 23,5×19 cm, oil painting on cardboard.

Painting red rose from the litlle prince

Painting is inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry book The little prince. Main character is the little prince with yellos hair, yellow as the wheat fields sometimes as golden. Other characters are the writer, king, vanity man, drunkard, businessman, lamplighter, cartographer, switch – man and sales man. Characters as if from our nowadays, speedy world.

The characters the little prince comunicate with are the snake, fox and mouse. The little prince is living alone, abandoned on the little planet were the wind brings a rose seed. She is so proud that prince leaves for getting know the other planets. Every planet present human temperament for instance – drunkard drinks to forget and he forgets because he drinks. Till he comes to the Earth where he meets the writer in african desert who was a pilot and crashed.

Man finds out a pill to use instead of water but the little prince get annoyed and says he would go miles in desert to find the water and he would do so just to had one sip. Prince is shocked while coming into garden full of red roses and he find out they are the same as his red rose that longs for him on the planet. He makes his mind and decides his rose is the only one for him. Pilot repaired the plane by a chance. Pasty style painting.

Original painting red rose from the litlle prince painter Alena Jureckova alias Ester Kralova.