Original painting campunala serrata, 25,5×19 cm, oil painting on cardboard.

Painting campunala serrata

Pasty style painting. Campunala serrata in latin. In her childhood and growing up the artist relaxed with long walks in the nature. She admired beauty of the nature, trees similar to people, marvellous paths in long grass, mirror on water level,smell of flowers. The artist loved her places in village she lived in with her parents and brother. Relax and rest she seeked in nature. Walks with dog became daily habit, admiring the field flowers her inner satisfaction.

The artist draught the energy from nature and peace of the heaven and she used to say, she lived there where the flies turn and fly back. The end of the world or cottage district Hriech, Sihoť, Mučaj, or pond gave her the feeling as living in Garden of Eden. Piece of the Eden she took with her after moving to Martin on 25. Aprile 2005 where she met the new, works of god, by river Turiec or Martinské hole and Mädokkýš.

Original painting campunala serrata painter Alena Jureckova alias Ester Kralova.