Original painting falling leaves, 21×29,5 cm, oil painting on drawing paper.

Painting falling leaves

Tree as if turning away from the roots, colourful fantasy of the painting gives it fresh taste with falling brown leaves as if presenting nothing ends neither begins. The painting The falling leaves was easy to make for me because I felt the colourful spectrum and the leaves are not always green so why the trunk could not be blue – red? Some of the leaves left in the tree-top but soon or later they fall down.

As a human life begins with crying and ends with a gentle smile.When a child comes to world, it cries but everybody is happy. Human being is like a tree or the falling leaves. When we have Deja vu feelings where they come from? We share feelings we went trough the things sometimes even though we are living the feeling for the first time.

Original painting falling leaves painter Alena Jureckova alias Ester Kralova.