Original painting flowery meadow, 21×29,5 cm, oil painting on drawing paper.

Painting flowery meadow

A bit of experiment on the painting The flowery meadow. Flowers make you smile, smell gentle, have a positive influence generally. And the painting should also follow this rules just the smell is replaced by colours. Somebody when lying down in the meadow fell like an ant in never ending space when lookin up on the sky.

Someo uf us do not have the option to try it because the humanship is in hurry nowadays as if trying to chatch its train to somewhere. We forgot how the flowers smell, how beautiful are they or gentle and pleased for every sip of fresh water leaving smile to us while leaving them and not pulling up from the ground. As far as I am concerned I think every woman should act as a flower and man as a the person who comes to flower his plant and protect it from the wind or heavy rain and insects

Original painting flowery meadow painter Alena Jureckova alias Ester Kralova.